Little Boy’s Crochet Hat


As first posts go, I figured I would kick mine off with this project I made for my little son last fall. He was just over a year old. Currently he’s two and a half and the hat still fits. It’s a lovely little hat. It took around two hours start to finish while watching him. So it may be less time if you don’t have little ones tossing sqeaky toys at your head. It was great relaxing fun nonetheless. Ahhhh crochet and a cup of tea (hidden behind my ankle, yes on the floor under the rocker, to avoid toddler disaster). What a delight ♡ I think that this hat will fit ages one to three and is beautiful for boy or girl.



I used fisherman’s wool. One skein divided into two balls. Then I crocheted the pattern using the yarn from each ball together.

Here is the link to the free pattern –

It’s a fantastic pattern with easy to follow directions. Enjoy!


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